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Photo's From National Archives






My wife and I went to Gettysburg, June 1, 2, and 3.  It was an opportunity for us to get away for the weekend and the hustle bustle of daily life.  We met up with two members of our Ghost Hunting team Chic and Sharon they also brought a friend a Forrest ranger (Mark) who wanted to help work on fence repairs, they came with hundreds of volunteers from all over the country.  Folks traveled from as far as California, Colorado, Maryland, and locally from Pennsylvania, New Jersey.  Other Volunteers helped with other tasks like the painting of the buildings and even landscaping, in the evening we all made arrangements to meet up with each other to take advantage of where we were to Hunt for Ghost's. 


The greatest part of the weekend was we bonded with a new friend where we were staying.  She was very informative, and told us of numerous photographs she had taken and friends that she meets up with when she finishes work on the battle field.  Ghost hunting was definitely on our schedule and Little round Top was our first stop we were hoping to catch some of the lost spirits there.  We met up with our Physic friend Francine and her husband Larry at Little Round Top.  Francine, Larry and my wife went to the top of Little Round Top, and Chic, Sharon, Mark and myself decided to walk towards the road leading to big round top,  of course taking pictures along the way. 


In one area of the woods I took a series of photos not realizing that there was a story unfolding.  I noticed in a couple of photo's there was a bright object in them and thought to myself wow look at that, I never saw anything like that before.  I decided I would look at the bright objects in more detail when I bring them up on my computer, they had an unusual shape.  We walked a few more yards and decided there was no need to go any further, so we turned around and return to the base of Little Round Top.


I told Sharon, "I'm going to go across the road here and take some pictures were the Alabama Unit was fighting from.  I took a couple of pictures, my flash was was pretty bright, it lit up the area fairly well.  I took another photo, when Sharon who was standing behind me yelled "George there is a soldier standing next to you.  I looked to my left and of course I saw nothing, I replied "Are you serious"  Sharon said no, "He is standing right there".  Looking back I saw the location she was pointing to it was on my left, by this time Chic moved up approximately 10 feet or so on my left, then I took another picture, once again Sharon yelled "The soldier is standing between you and Chic". I was excited and disappointed at the same time cause I didn't have a photograph of my friend standing near us.


It seams the photographs I took earlier was an apparition in the making, it looked as though it followed us down to that very location where it stood next to me and chic.  The soldier must've been curious about what we were doing and followed us.  I tried to take a picture on my left hoping to catch it unfortunately with no success.  I was hoping that Sharon took a photo of our visitor standing next to us when she saw it but she was so excited to see him that taking a picture hadn't even crossed her mind at the time.


The pictures below show the apparition slowly start to take shape.




The first picture of five is the beginning of an apparition, when I took them I didn't realize what I had.  The Second and third photo (which is circled) showing the location of our visitor from the previous photo's.  The fourth photo is now starting to take shape which now leads to the final and 5th photo which is the beginning of an apparition. 





It was my birthday and everyone surprised me with a birthday cake, we all shared a piece of cake and we had a little left over, so someone suggested that I take what was left to the main office where we were staying.  This is did,  when I walked in the office the woman behind the counter her name is Carolyn she saw my "Ghost of Gettysburg" T-shirt and thought we were tourist and finished taking the Gettysburg tour, and I told her that we weren't tourist that we were Reenactors and we were there to join up with our friends and do some Ghost Hunting. 


Carolyn explained that she also had gone on the battlefield since she moved here and managed to capture some interesting photographs in the four years she lived here.  Carolyn moved from California with her mom, she told me of the spirit that walked around in the attic and how all the employees made comments on how they could hear a soldier walking in boots across the ceiling after the office was closed.  


She also told me that in the breakfast room she recorded gun shots, (EVP) numerous times it was like it played in a loop.  I was excited by this and Carolyn invited me to return before 12:00 a.m. and leave my recorder in the record mode to see if I could capture any audio tracks of the walking sounds of boots walking or gun shots in the Breakfast room.


To my amazement I managed to capture some EVP's  Click on link below to hear this and other recordings.


Electronic Voice Phenomenon




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